First Contact Resolution: Always possible?

I had the great pleasure of participating in a discussion with Justin Robbins on this topic, hosted by Erika Strother of ICMI. Here are some key take aways:

  • Some industries that have strong privacy regulations are not always able to answer Customer concerns via public comments on social media. Banking and healthcare come to the top of mind for this group for B2C.
  • Is FCR even possible if Customers first try using self-help channels THEN reach out to a brand for help? Can brands chart the entire Customer journey from the web through an IVR to phones and social?
  • Is it time to redefine FCR from First Contact Resolution to First Contact Through Resolution in social media support? Some social media service models use concierge from social contact to resolution team. If the same team or agent handles the service issue without further escalation, is that not First Contact Through Resolution and not the traditional FCR?
  • Defining and choosing the right metric will be the challenge for improving contact center support for Customers as we move toward improving the Customer experience and Customer effort.

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