Being Nimble

I found Nimble when they followed me during a conference I was watching from afar on Twitter. I decided to try out their 14 day trial account. I am always interested in learning about new platforms and tools. Here’s what I found out.


Getting Started

Signing up was easy. Pick a login ID and password, authorize my social accounts, and boom! Nimble seamlessly took me from step to step and had a few cool tutorial videos along the way that were well placed. After a few days of not logging in, I forgot my password. Recovery was quick and easy. Almost too easy, but I’m ok with that!

Diving In

The dashboards are clean and simple. The TODAY tab quickly outlines any pending activities and gives a list of engagement opportunities from contacts I tagged as important. From a CRM perspective for a marketer or salesman, that is really nice. It’s a great way to start the day with the first cup of coffee.

I also enjoyed the simplicity of the CONTACTS tab with a list of tags and clear visuals of which social media networks I am connected with each contact on. Going into an individual contact page gives you intense details about the person you are looking at. You really know who you are talking to at this point!

If you want to see how others are reaching out to you on social media, look no further than the SIGNALS and MESSAGES tabs. Signals gives you a good idea of what’s being said by your community around you, while the messages tab gives you a clean list of directed communications such as @ mentions or LinkedIn messages.

The ACTIVITIES and DEALS tabs are great for planning. If you don’t use Outlook or similar tools, you don’t need to because Nimble has that built in. You can schedule follow ups and other activities while monitoring how your deal pipeline is flowing (or what needs to happen to make it flow).


Nimble is exactly as advertised on their What is Nimble page. It is a great platform for managing contacts, scheduling communications, and planning out deals. It is not a complete CRM as there is not a servicing piece included, but again, that’s not advertised as being part of the platform. Please note, the above is from the desktop browser version of Nimble and does not include the current mobile app version which is expecting some needed updates.


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